José Luiz Pistelli - Doutor Pistelli
Anatomy, Orthopaedics, Hand Surgery
Real Cases
  Pseudo- Arthrosis
Scafoid wrist Bone
  Traumaic lesion
Of the left wrist
  Flexor profunds tendon Lesion, left ring finger
  Hand Sugery
  Gunshot wound of right hand
Ring and little fingers
  Tendo transfer with
Tendo suspention
Rizarthrosis left thumb
  Flexor halux longus
To achielles tendon transfer
  The human posture
  Flexor tendon lesion
  arthrodesis trapezio-metacarpal
  Metacarpal-phalanfeal joint

Take pleasure in observation

The artists Andréa Del Verrochio, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello Sanzio, among many others had expanding their knowledge transforming the art in science, carryng on all the scientific progress of Anatomy.

The sculptor Benvenuto Cellini had drawing all the anatomical maps that permited to the fiorentino medical doctor and surgeon Jacopo da Carpi understand the muscular function of the upper extremity in the first half of 16th century.

Here the art express in a scientific way the anatomical knowledge applied on surgical procedures on the lesions of extremities.

The artist and the doctor observe paralelal universes In the study of human Anatomy. Only those who dare care truly get the success and discovery a new way in scientific evolution.

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